Equipment wanted


WANTED : Bucyrus Erie Models 22W's , 24L's ,60L's ,28L's & 36L'S ****************************IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF EQUIPMENT THAT YOU ARE NOT USING OR NEEDED ANYMORE ,LIST YOUR ITEMS WITH US .                                                             CHECK OUT OUR (((UPDATED ))) LISTINGS WANTED                                                                    Drilling Equipment and Tooling We Are Looking For                                                               

***** WANTED **** 71 Speedstar

*****WANTED     IR T4  Rotary rig 1995-2000

*****WANTED  RD20 Rotary rig 1998- 2007

*****WANTED Bucyrus Erie 22W ,all Series 1 ,II , III

*****WANTED Walker Neer model 32 or 43

*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 22W PARTS RIGS

*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 28L
*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 36L
*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 60L
*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 24L

*****Wanted Bucyrus Erie 20W

*****Wanted any makes and models of either cable tool or rotary rigs ,drill condition or parts rigs ******