Equipment wanted


WANTED : Bucyrus Erie Models 28L's & 36L'S ****************************IF YOU HAVE EQUIPMENT THAT YOU ARE NOT USING OR NEEDED ANYMORE ,LIST YOUR ITEMS WITH US                                                                CHECK OUT OUR (((UPDATED ))) LISTINGS WANTED                                                                    Drilling Equipment and Tooling We Are Looking For                                                               

****WANTED     IR T4  Rotary rig 1989-2001

*****WANTED  Drillteck D40K    1988-2002

*****WANTED Bucyrus Erie 22W ,all Series 1 ,II , III

Wanted Drilteck T25

Wanted Bucyrus Erie 22W PARTS RIGS

Wanted Bucyrus Erie 28L
Wanted Bucyrus Erie 36L
Wanted 71 Speedstar

Wanted 72 Speedstar
Wanted Bucyrus Erie 60L
Wanted Bucyrus Erie 24L

Dry Cement truck----$20,000.00-$40,000.00

5 x10 or 6 X 12 Mud Pump ,GD or GASO

12-3/4 inch Bowl & slips

5-1/2- 14 inch hydraulic casing tongs