Cable tool /Rotary related products


2-2X3 Pin 5 inch , 8 inch stroke drill jars

1-2X3 pin 5 inch , 24 inch stroke fishing jars

1-2-1/4X3-1/4 pin 5 inch , 22 inch stroke   fishing jars

5-1/2 inch 24 inch & 38 inch stroke fishing jars

1-3-1/4X4-1/4 pin 7 inch 11 inch stroke drill jars                                                                

Used Cable tool drilling tools for sale

Sockets , stems ,jars ,bits ,bailers ,fishing tools ,all in different pin sizes  , elevators , slips ,and other tools ,small pin through 4-1/4X6 pin & box size .

Bucyrus Erie Parts rigs & used parts , call for specific parts

Sockets , stems ,jars ,bits ,bailers ,fishing tools ,all in different pin sizes .

((( SOLD )))2015 Geo Looper mfg. MODEL EZ LOAD 2500 Sand Hopper !!!!! USED ONCE !!!!!

2015 Geo Looper mfg. Model EZ  LOAD 2500 Sand hopper has hydraulic motor that attaches to the Geo looper , holds 1 Super sack .(((((((((( USED ONCE ))))))))))

Located in New York

Bucyrus-Erie 36L main spudding gear part number 213994A, used on rigs with serial number 61605-113390.

Great pricing on used sand line and drill line

Call for information and pricing . 

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